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View of the artifact from orbit.

The Spindle Artifact was discovered in 373 A.F.

It is a cyclopean megastructure of the Ancients located inside a gas giant. The shape of the artifact resembles a spindle with a length of 120 thousand kilometers and a diameter of 6 thousand kilometers at the tips, penetrating the planet through the poles. The purpose of the artifact is unknown, but it has been determined that it gradually processes the planet's composition from hydrogen-methane into oxygen-water. One of the tips of the artifact is designed by the creators to be habitable, possessing a crust of silicate rocks at the sides, forming the surface of a huge cliff of planetary scale, and a network of exhaust holes, maintaining suitable for life concentrations of oxygen and humidity at altitudes where the atmospheric pressure of the planet is similar to 1 earth atmosphere. The estimated density of both the gas giant and the artifact is relatively low, as the gravity at the height of the habitable band is only 0.94 G. Interaction of the planet and artifact generates powerful electromagnetic perturbations that sometimes reach up to -1300nT.

The most intriguing aspect of the artifact is that humans and ktak were found among the species inhabiting the slopes of the habitable area, forming a joint civilization that is currently experiencing the beginning of an industrial revolution. If these species were put there by the Ancients, it makes the artifact the most recent evidence of the Ancient's presence in the galaxy, with an estimated age of the artifact ranging between 3,000 and 160,000 years ago. Before the discovery of the Spindle artifact, it was believed that the most recent sight of the Ancients in the galaxy dates back to eight million years BC. Despite all the artificiality of their situation, according to estimates from the point of view of the inhabitants, the world does not give away its unnatural origin and seems to be a natural formation. Therefore, despite the protests of the representatives of Ktak and Mankind, the civilization inhabiting the Artifact was recognized as not compliant to the first contact directive, and interactions with them was limited to passive remote observation until they enter the Space Age or come to the conclusion about the artificiality of their world.

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