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GoogleTranslate.jpg The following text was google-translated from Russian with minimal edits. It might appear badly written, hard to follow, or can have translation errors. This is a temporary solution, proper translation should replace that, eventually. If you'd like to help me with that, please check this article for details.

Major historical events:

The countdown is from the formation of the Alliance (conducted at Standard Years)

  • -79 A.F.
    The first contact occurs between raharrs and an extra-Harrarian civilization. In the third solar system, the research ship encounters a research ship of civilization Sashli in its third solar system, which also conducted research into the space surrounding them.
  • -47 A.F.
    Raharrs make contact with Avians
  • -30 A.F.
    Sashli come into contact with civilization (Temp).
  • -10 A.F.
    Raharrs come into contact with a civilization (Temp2), which is in a low degree of development. Contact causes chaos, in spite of the efforts of the Raharr ambassadors, causing considerable unrest and almost led to a complete collapse of society, the population begins to suffer from crime, hunger and epidemics. The situation forces the raharr to actually shift the local governments for the sake of maintaining order. This case in the future will cause the introduction of the First Directive.
  • 0 A.F. Raharrs gather a meeting of ambassadors of all known types and holds a conference to approve the Galactic Alliance of Civilizations, designed to simplify the processes of mutual relations and mutual assistance between different species of the galaxy, as well as to ensure due care contact with new civilizations. The meeting is held for several months, after which the Alliance officially begins its existence. The construction of the Shining station in the neutral star system will begin.
  • 35 A.F.
    Insectoids find their presence in the galaxy and make an attempt to colonize a planet already colonized by raharr shortly before. The resulting conflict results in the destruction of the colony and threatens to escalate into full-scale hostilities. The raharrs mobilize their forces.
  • 36-40 A.F.
    Sashli accidentally discover the insectoid worlds and enter into peaceful contact. After clarifying the situation with the attack on the Raharr colony, Sashli begin attempts to reconcile the two sides and avoid conflict. Insectoids, contrary to expectations, quickly understand the essence of the situation and begin to facilitate this in every way. Officially, the truce is in 46 year.
  • 50 A.F.
    In the neutral territories, the Shining Station was completed, which became the intergalactic political and economic center of the Alliance. The shining begins to be used as a marker of the center of the Alliance. The station time is also taken as the standard time by which the daily periods of the planets belonging to the Alliance can be synchronized. Together with the creation of the station, the development of an interplanetary information exchange network called r-network is being completed. In spite of this, the steady growth of demand for couriers and messengers continues in the galaxy, since even through the g-net information can be synchronized for months, and in some cases even for years.
  • 54 A.F.
    The research ship of distant borders unexpectedly encounters a completely new type of mind, energetic. The creature accidentally moves into the ship, which almost comes to the death of the entire crew. The incident can be resolved, and the energetic being takes them to a section of space that turns out to be a haven of a species called the Zyorot Volume.
  • 66 A.F.
    Insectoids join the Alliance on a full-fledged basis.
  • 69 A.F. Officially recognized the loss of the original culture (temp2) - the chaos caused by contact with the raharr and the subsequent occupation strongly distorted local cultures, in fact replacing them with a more aggressive and attractive raharr culture. Because of this, the desire to get out of control of the raharr and restore the lost legacy is gaining popularity in society (temp2).
  • 72 A.F.
    At the next meeting of the Alliance, the original version of the Contact Directives is submitted and adopted. (temp2) independence is granted, the raharr transfer the leadership to the local rulers and leave the planet.
  • 85 A.F.
    It becomes known about the existence of an empire Smi'Tar.
  • 90 A.F.
    The Orsal Agreement was drafted and signed prohibiting the development and use of all weapons based on a hyperspace generator or capable of destroying life on the planet on a macro scale. The agreement was supported even by species that were not part of the Alliance. Together with this, the dead zones were increased around the celestial bodies in which the hyperjunction was forbidden.
  • 87 A.F.
    The Radiance station receives a hundred-thousandth resident and becomes the most populated man-made space object of the Alliance.
  • 88-92 A.F.
    Vainur Incident. There is a contact with the Vainur Directive. Having a dominant form of government on the planet - militarism and Nazism, the Vainurs reject the proposal to join the Alliance, and establish hostile neutrality, stating that the true race has nothing to do in the community of intelligent animals. However, the Alliance allows the Vainur ships to move freely throughout their territory. However, soon attacks on raharr across the galaxy begin to occur and abduction. As it turns out later, the Vainurs were extremely interested in the ability of the raharr to assimilate any organic matter and poisons, so they began to hunt them for the purpose of extracting and processing the raharr intestine. In addition, anatomically interested them not only raharr, but also other species. By the time the true motives and culprits were revealed, the total number of dead reached several million. In response to the indignation of the Alliance, Vainur, despite the quantitative and qualitative superiority of the Alliance, openly declares war. Following this, the Alliance organized a punitive action, destroying all Directive ships and departed all Vainurs to their homeworld. A blockade was imposed on the planet, Vainures are forbidden to have any kind of space fleet, it is allowed to leave the planet only with a special visa. A vote was also held, the theme of which was the invasion of Vainur itself and the forced change of the form of government on the planet, but the necessary number of votes “for” was not received. After that, the Vainur Directive terminates all ties with the Alliance, responding with a refusal to all offers of material assistance. Also, a warning is sent that "any nonhuman who set foot on the holy lands of Vainur will be immediately killed." Since then, the planet has remained in isolation, remaining faithful to its warning and firing on any ship attempting to land.
  • 98-101 A.F.
    A project of a Scientific Corporation to provide Ziort-exiles with improved bodies to participate in secret special operations in the interests of the Corporation. Partially Successful, but was closed due to the consequences.
  • 116 A.F.
    Expansion of the territories of the Alliance leads to the discovery of civilization Laymaran. They are first taken for the underdeveloped civilization of the medieval type, but a more detailed investigation reveals the reasons for the decline of the once highly developed species to the current state. A unanimous decision is made to assist the Laimaran and the proposal to join the Alliance. Laimaran enthusiastically accept help.
  • 153 A.F.
    Detection of Smi'Tar empire.
  • 170 A.F.

    for the most part restore their technological and scientific level to acceptable results and base the first colonies on other planets. Civilization itself is still dependent on the supply of the Alliance.
  • 174 A.F.
    The population of the station "Siyanie" exceeds 10 million inhabitants, the station begins modernization in order to increase living space.
  • 177 A.F.
    Contact of the Alliance and Azinarsi. An attempt to research an unusually behaving star stumbles upon one of the azinarsi worlds, after which the expedition ships are forcibly transported a distance of one light year from the star. This becomes the only case when the Alliance ships were in the azinarsi territory and could directly observe their colonies — almost immediately after contact, the azinarsi deployed their isolation policy.
  • 181 A.F.
    Iss contact with the Alliance.
  • 199 A.F.
    The Shining Station completes its expansion and becomes the largest man-made structure of the Alliance in outer space with a population of 11.5 million inhabitants.
  • 221 A.F. Equipment and sending a joint project of the carrier ship "New Horizons", designed to become the first ship in history, to fly from one galaxy to another. The ship went missing, being in the first third of the flight, its fragments are searched to this day, and the project is considered to have ended in failure.
  • 285 A.F.
    Exploration stumbles upon a promising civilization that is on the verge of an interstellar stage of development. Due to the incident related to the crash of one of the members of the expedition to the planet, the situation gets out of control and leads to a forced violation of the First Contact Directive.
  • 320 A.F.
    Current date.


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