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Typical individual, Gharr Neht Ra

Raharrs (Раха_р) are a hexapedal warm-blooded species with highly advanced technology. They have largest population and most widespread civilization in the Alliance.
Average height - 200-230 cm.
Average lifespan - 90±40 years.
Average weight - 130-160 kg


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Raharrs originated from warm tropical world Harr located in Harr star system.




The language and writing system of the raharrs served as the main template for interspecies language known as "Default" for both its relative simplicity and at the same time required complexity and flexibility. There are insertions from other languages, but Default is still retained at least 75% of Raharrian words.

Known individuals

  • Gharr Neht Ra - Xenobilogist, was responsible for the first contact event with the humans. (roleplay character)
  • Garn Kahto Sha - Famous ruler that combined western landmass of Harr in a single united Empire that lasted for over two thousand years. (historical character)
  • Zane Htrua Sha - Commander of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Was involved in the first contact event with humans.


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