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Zane Htrua Sha


Raharr, Kekhohirr




197 cm

Hair color:


Eye color:




Date of

Date of death:



70 Years



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Official Biography

Zane is the Commander of the Exploration Fleet. He is small by Raharr standards due to the fact that he comes from the Kekhohirr race, but he looks quite intimidating despite this, not least because of his scar and demanding nature. However, if one gets to know him better, it turns out that he is quite kind and only demanding when at work, because of the desire for his wards to give their best. As for the scar, everyone thinks he was a colonel who got it in some kind of military operation, but in fact, Zane got the scar due to an incident during repair work in the past, when he was still a private.

Years ago, back when Zane was only an assistant captain of one of the ships, he became interested in Gharr's potential. He was a distant friend of Gharr's parents, and Zane had some connections, thanks to which he was aware of the upcoming expedition and that the organizers had already begun to outline future candidates for key posts. Zane himself hoped to get there at least as the captain of one of the accompanying ships. He liked Gharr for his expressed enthusiasm, so Zane advised him to start training as a xenobiologist.

The two were able to become close friends, so when Zane became a full captain of his own ship, he often chose Gharr on flights that required a diplomacy specialist.

As a result, by the time the expedition was officially announced, Gharr had earned himself quite a decent "field experience" for his age. Zane was able to get into the expedition, but to his surprise, not as a ship captain, but as a commander of the entire fleet. As soon as he got used to his new role, he immediately submitted a recommendation for Gharr to be included in the expedition as a xenopsychologist and first contact specialist, and additionally one of the leading xenobiologists, which was approved.

He is currently involved in the First Contact Incident after Gharr became stranded on Earth after the shuttle crash.

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