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Representative loaded into a typical Encounter Body (human figure and raharr for scale)

A post-singularity biomechanical civilization, the Azinarsi are one of the most developed in the galaxy and the only one with functional digitization of consciousness.
'Average height' - 250 cm.
'Estimated life expectancy' - 1 ± ∞ seconds.
'Average weight' - 270 kg

Brief History

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Stub.png This part is unfinished

The Azinarsi have extremely advanced technology, to the point that their machines are no longer just mechanisms and are more like living organisms. A typical example are Encounter Bodies, which are used to interact with the real world and other civilizations of the galaxy. These artificial bodies, being machines, are nevertheless quite similar to the definition of non-protein life forms according to the principles of their functioning, and can restore not too significant damage on their own, similar to living organisms. However, very little is known about the exact device of the Encounter Bodies of the Azinarsi, besides the fact that their cars have blood analogue, a bright blue liquid circulating through the body and simultaneously performing the functions of both a cooler and fuel. Their “blood” has the unique properties of a liquid battery with an extremely large charge-to-mass storage ratio, and is the only technology that the Azinarsi agreed to sell to the Alliance. In general, the Azinarsi bodies remain approximately several degrees warmer than the ambient temperature, but the radiators rising in the rear part of the body almost always have a temperature of ~ 50 ° C. Like in the situation with the Smi'Tar, attempts to obtain a "corpse" of an Azinarsi ended in failure - after a certain degree of damage, the body starts the process of self-destruction which, within a couple of hours at most, quickly decomposes all the constituent elements and nothing can be determined about the former structure of the body anymore sans for its chemical makeup. The process is started independently even in the fragments separated from a still-functioning body, which the Azinarsi helpfully demonstrated to the researchers soon after the initial contact. The consciousness of the loaded Azinarsi dies with the body, but the Azinarsi themselves are indifferent to personal death knowing that at home, in Azinarsi systems, they have hundreds or thousands of branches, copies, and backups, so the death of their "self" does not occur along with the death of consciousness of this specific copy of "self". The only part of the Azinarsi body that did not degenerate during self-destruction was the "blood", which probably was the reason the azinarsi agreed to sell that technology to the Alliance - the scientists of the Scientific Corporation admitted that they probably could independently synthesize the substance through a sufficient number of experiments.

Military doctrine

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State system

Azinarsi Dyson Sphere designated "Alpha" (In the distance, Sphere "Beta" can be seen, which forms a close binary system with "Alpha")

Unknown and most likely undefined. the Azinarsi, being a post-singular civilization, have too different perceptual speeds, as a result of which the Azinarsi society functions at speeds that are almost inaccessible for understanding biological species. The only Azinarsi who can be observed directly are single researchers wandering around the galaxy, but they are essentially in voluntary exile since weaning their colonies for only a month for virtual reality means complete and hopeless obsolescence of almost all information about the house and return in a completely changed world, in which very little is left. Singles rarely return to the space belonging to the Azinarsi, and mostly only to transfer the knowledge they have accumulated to the community or to carry out the maintenance of their bodies. If we consider each fork of a digitized person as a separate individual, then the total virtual population of the Azinarsi, constantly growing, amounts to thousands of trillions of individuals, which far exceeds the entire population of all civilizations of the entire explored part of the galaxy. In spite of this, the Azinarsi own only three solar systems, around which the construction of the Matrioshka brains is underway. The Azinarsi are not going to share their technologies with the Alliance or the rest of the galaxy, stating that all other types are, roughly speaking, too immature for it, and keep a strict isolation policy that prohibits flights to their systems. Nevertheless, they make the only exception, for ACs who want to move to the Azinarsi matrioshka brains. Azinarsi are as indifferent as possible to their individuals outside their worlds - after the onset of singularity and the loading of consciousness into virtual reality, the concept of death of consciousness no longer has any moral problems, because in conditions where you can make your copy or backup at any time, death of personality has become virtually impossible. The death of individual copies outside of virtual reality also does not attach any importance, except for annoyance at the loss of experience, and given the speed of functioning of the Azinarsi society, the very existence of a copy in the outside world quickly becomes nothing more than an interesting historical fact.


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