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A small list of programs I use to create my setting and webcomic:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
    Used for illustrations and general 2D work.
  2. 3Ds MAX
    I use it to render backgrounds for the comic and to design objects for the wiki, such as spaceships.
  3. World Machine
    This programm helped me to create surface maps for Harr
  4. NameGen
    A program made by my friend, Grum. Its functionality is to create names and words out of a list of syllables.
  5. Scrivener 3.0
    It's a program for writers, I use it to outline the plot of Leaving the cradle and design-document for Cliffworld.
  6. PureRef
    I use it to always have various references for my characters and other things before my eyes when I am drawing or modeling.