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The Scientific Corporation began as a modest research field laboratory that studies the most important discoveries of raharr throughout its history — the bases of the Ancients and artifact X on the planet Harr. They were located on an island located at the equator of the planet, which made access to it extremely difficult. For most of the time on the island, the temperature was around +60 degrees Celsius. After research on them started, some ambitious heads of research groups understood what this discovery might lead to and merged to create a Scientific Corporation. This association actually signified a rebellion, but the attempt to suppress it failed, by which time the Corporation had already managed to modernize its equipment using the knowledge gained from the research.

Today, the corporation is leading the edge of the technological advancement of the Raharr civilization, if not the entire Alliance. It has opened branches on the planets of almost all members of the Alliance, and much of the sophisticated technologies are made using patents or products of the corporation. Many complain that the Corporation imposed a monopoly on the distribution of technology based on the results of studying the artifacts of the Ancients, but the situation doesn't change, since the corporation is extremely forbidding on any attempts to conduct "unauthorized" studies of the technologies of the Ancients, sometimes to the point of forceful artifact confiscations, citing the extreme danger that uncareful study can evoke as a reason for the ban.

Despite the fact that many people note that the corporation has grown to such proportions (some information indicates that the corporation may have entire planets in remote sectors of the Alliance, the existence of which is not known to the other members of the Alliance) that its numerous subsidiary companies are beginning to live their own lives, often not too legal, the Scientific Corporation still remains one of the most influential leaders of the scientific and technological front of the entire Alliance.

Artifact X

Artifact X is the central cause of the presence of raharrs on the galactic arena. Despite the fact that the artifact itself still remains a complete mystery to all of its researchers, the Ancients' base was built around it which, to this day, remains one of the most extensive structures of this civilization found in the galaxy. The artifact itself is a hemisphere with a diameter of three kilometers, immersed in the crust of the planet to a depth of one and a half kilometers. The base of the Ancients surrounds the artifact with a ring near the base. From the center of the lower part of the artifact, something like a column about one hundred meters in diameter (supposedly part of a geothermal energy source), it goes deep into the planet. Seismographic studies helped to determine that the column goes down at least a thousand kilometers and it is quite possible that it goes all the way to the very core of the planet. Analysis of the surrounding rocks suggests that the artifact existed on the planet since its inception, and is more than two billion years old.

The surface of the artifact is covered with even hexagonal plates of an unknown dark material which differs in appearance from typical artifacts of the Ancients, but is identical in their properties. A similar surface structure is observed in the Stabilizers rotating around the stars of the system, with the difference that the cells of the Artifact are much smaller and the gaps between them do not emit light.

In the entire history of the study of the artifact, not a single way was found to take a sample of the material of the outer shell, nor to get inside the artifact. Even the most desperate attempt - the detonation of 40mt of nuclear charge - did not leave even a trace on the surface, but almost turned into a catastrophe for the rest of the research complex. This dubious “experiment” is still cited in criticism and is a part of many jokes about the Corporation’s methods - "if you can't understand something, then just try to blow it up." Since almost all study attempts returned little to no results, there are numerous theories about the purpose of the artifact. Some believe that this is the central control system of the planet's geological and other processes, some believe that it is the control center of the Stabilizers, some even consider that it is the bunker in which the Ancients are alive today, watching the development of young civilizations. The complete inertness of the artifact does not allow any of the theories to obtain much-needed proof.