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Three raharrian races. From left to right: Riykian, Rrirkhean, Kekhohirr

Excluding various metises, raharrs have three main races, or ethnicities. Those three groups divide further in numerous subgroups, but those often differ only culturally. Non-experienced in interactions with raharrs person can decide that main and only difference between their races is simply an amount of pigmentation, but that's not the case. Races tend to stay more or less localised on the homeworld and on few colonies, but usually population of offworld settlements is mixed and multicultural. As a result, practically all raharrs that were born outside of the homeworld are metises to some extent.


These raharrs originated in Riyk Cradle, located on Riyk peninsula. Riyk Cradle located in more cold regions, compared to Rrirkh Cradle, so riykians needed to adopt to colder climates, which influenced their appearance. Their skin contains the most amount of pigmentation, allowing them to absorb warmth from the suns more easily. They are tallest of the raharrs, their height can reach two and a half meters, or even more. Besides color and height, riykians can be distinguished by the shape of their head - the mouth have characteristicial pointy slope, and their second pair of eyes located higher on the scull, and orientated forwards more. Riykians capable to withstanding more cold climates compared to other raharrs, but they're still can be concidered as tropical or subtropical by standards of other species. Even before the Relevation, riykians were fairly calm, calculating and patient by their nature. Besides that, they had fame of being inventors and schemers, they even prompted a famous saying "just like playing a game with a riykian". Riykians have longest claws an teeth, so they often cut their claws down to avoid troubles with everyday life.


Largest race of raharrs, that contains roughly 70% of the entire population. They originate from subtropical Rrirkh Cradle. Amongst raharrs, rrirkheans standards of beauty reign supreme, and rrirkheans themselves are concidered as the most attractive. This is also, as consequence of their spread, the most diverse group of raharrs, with fairly blurred definition that sometimes even inclues metises as well. But almost always rrirkheans can be distinguished at least by their characteristic square-like shape of the head.


This raharr race, also known as "Desertfolk", does not have it's own Cradle, most likely that they separated from rrirkheans in prehistoric times, and settled in desert regions near the equator of the planet. They are the most resilient and tough raharrs, but they're also the least tall. Pigmentation is very weak, leaving only thin gray stripes and patterns. Their tail fin is tightly packed with capillaries and veins, which makes it richly reed in color. It is thicker and larger than tails of other raharrs, and basically turned into radiator, that helps kekhohirr to stay cool in blazing heat of the deserts, where air temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius. Desertfolks are very protective of their tails, not only because it is their means of surviving in the desert, but also because high density of capillaries and veins result in massive blood loss from almost any trauma, which can lead to exsanguination. Kekhohirrs have poor eyesight and smell sense, because their eyes and nostrils reduced in size to cope with desert storms. They have short and wide claws. Kekhohirrs are not very talkative and do not like to travel much, it is the most warmth-liking race, even by the standards of other raharrs. But if you manage to befriend a kekhohirr, you can be sure that you obtained yourself the most loyal an unyielding friend, ready to follow you to hell and back without a hesitation, but also expecting the same from you as well. Out of all raharrs, desertfolk are slowest to accept inventions and changes, prefering to live by traditions that their fathers and grandfathers lived by. Some subcultures to this day do not look fondly on the Philosophy of the ancients, choosing to express any emotion freely and without restriction. It is lucky to see kekhohirr outside of deserts, though they can be easily identified by their size and custom to wear traditional clothes even when they're traveling in space. Their strength, resilence and sedentary lifestyle often grants them work of farmers and miners.

Raharr races faces.png


  • Amongst the webcomic characters, Gharr Neht Ra is a typical rrirkhean, Zane Htrua Sha is a desertfolk, and Hekane Ruhaht Khr is a metis of rrirkhean and riykian origins.


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