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Typical individuals

Humans are warm blooded mammals from planet Earth in the Sol star system.

Average height - 160-190 cm.
Average lifespan - 70±20 years.
Average weight - 65-95 kg


Main Article: History of the Mankind

Humans are on the verge of entering the Space Age. They have advanced science and technology and are not that far from discovering principles of interstellar travel on their own. However, for some reason, their society and culture remains very fragmented and uneven - while some parts of the planet have a reasonably high culture level, other parts remain hopelessly barbaric.

First Contact Incident

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Around 285 A.C. (Year 201█ in native timeframe), one of the Alliance Explorer fleets entered the Sol system. Underestimating the humans technological level, the explorers decided to briefly land in a sparsely populated area to sample the ecosystem of the planet and to possibly observe the natives from a distance. During atmospheric entry, the shuttle was detected by the missile defense systems of one of the nations, which launched a rocket at the shuttle. The rocket hit the shuttle and forced the pilot to crash land far from the designated landing coordinates. Nearly all of the crew were killed and the remaining survivors became trapped on the planet. The rest of the explorer fleet couldn't recover them and the crashed remains of the shuttle, due to risks of further attacks from the natives and eventual confirmation of their existence, which was a violation of the First Directive. So the First Contact Incident begun.