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Spoilers.jpg This article mentions events or concepts that weren't yet mentioned in the comic, but are plot-revealing.

In other words...


Sketch, based on the description of one of the abducted raharrs

Bordering on the level of a myth, Ghosts are an unconfirmed civilization, supposedly deliberately avoiding contact with the Alliance. The last few decades have seen strange events in the form of detections of unidentified ships and strange anomalies. On many planets and colonies, there are people claiming that they were abducted by some unidentified creatures, and unexplained experiments were conducted on them. By themselves, the descriptions of the creatures often too much resembles the species of the "abducted" individuals, which almost always gets the stories discredited as a hoax, even when some physical and physiological evidence of the abduction exist. Nevertheless, the stories matches up too well with each other, however this is most often justified by the “fad” for such statements on the G-Net. The profile of all these events does not fit the description of meetings with Wanderers, which was the first theory. It was finally rejected after the contact with the Wanderers and the exchange of information, they - for the first time in the entire history of communication with these creatures - answered the question of their involvement categorically and without vague ambiguity, in one word: "No." After they were asked about what they knew about these events, they also did not give any answer at all for the first time in the history of communication with the Wanderers, instead closing the communication channels and ceasing to respond to any queries, leaving the system shortly after.

Even less is known about the Ghosts than about the Ancients, so most do not recognize their existence, explaining strange events to more likely mundane causes.

Nevertheless, the number of reports of Ghosts is slowly but steadily increasing as the territory of the Alliance is expanding and getting closer towards the Galactic rim, which makes the secret services believe that the Ghosts are some kind of technologically advanced civilization somewhere in the appropriate direction relative to the Alliance. If so, then their extremely cautious and secretive behavior is cause for concern, since this can be both a simple caution on their part, and a targeted campaign with ambiguous or sinister goals.