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| ru=Харр
| ru=Харр
}}[[image:Harr_planet.jpg|thumb|256px|Right|Planet from orbit]]
}}[[image:Harr_planet.jpg|thumb|256px|Right|Planet from orbit]]
Planet harr is the homeworld of the [[raharrs]], and orbiting binary star [[Harr(star)|of the same name]].
Planet harr is the homeworld of the [[raharrs]], and orbiting binary star [[Harr(Star_System)|of the same name]].
Harr is an earthlike planet, second in its star system. It has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere with the addition of ███████ gases and a relatively high concentration of airborne chlorophyll-like microorganisms, which gives the planet its famous green skies.
Harr is an earthlike planet, second in its star system. It has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere with the addition of ███████ gases and a relatively high concentration of airborne chlorophyll-like microorganisms, which gives the planet its famous green skies.

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Planet from orbit

Planet harr is the homeworld of the raharrs, and orbiting binary star of the same name.

Harr is an earthlike planet, second in its star system. It has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere with the addition of ███████ gases and a relatively high concentration of airborne chlorophyll-like microorganisms, which gives the planet its famous green skies.


The planet rotates on a circular orbit at about 6.5 a.e. from the suns. Planet's axis is skewed at around 15 degrees and. Planet's axis has a high rate of precession, which results in 3 cycles of seasons on the surface during its 9.65 year long orbit. Planet has three natural satellites, some captured small bodies and several dozens of orbital stations that serve as spaceports, refueling stations and defense platforms.


Schematic representation of the suns cycle as seen from the surface

Raharr calendar is based on seasonal rotation, and consists out of cycles, each containing three years in it that start when spring comes around. Each year is 939 days long, that divide to 31 months of 30 or 31 days long each, which consists out of 5 weeks of 6 days that are 30 hours long. Rotation periods do not exactly correspond to orbital periods, so the end of the third cycle's year usually receives an additional day. Stars rotating cycle have precisely 30 days long period, so the start of each month is tied to an event when the lesser sun disappears in the glow of the larger sun, disappearing there from the left. Dates written by five numbers, "2000." (cycle, year, month, week, day). There is another calendars, using the planet's three moons rotation periods as a reference point, but it is an ancient, not very known or used calendars. They tie in the complex layered systems and used mainly in agricultural professions, practically unknown outside of them.


Nul, is the largest of the Harr's moons, and also the closest one, it rotation period is 28 days. It is in tidal lock with the planet, so only one hemisphere can be seen from the surface of the planet. Num is the second largest moon and also furthermost, with a rotational period of 31 days. Nel is not a proper moon, but instead is a large asteroid ~200km in diameter, caught in the gravity field of the planet relatively recently - some of the most ancient raharr legends and stories speak of only two moons in the sky. Some researches claim, judging by indirect evidence, that Nel becomes Harr's satellite because of Artifact X interference, and initially, it was bound to collide with the planet. The asteroid has a highly elliptical retrograde orbit that has a high inclination and makes one rotation in 29,5 days. Once in awhile a Moon Parade occurs, when all three moons line up in the sky. This even considered as a bad omen, not entirely unjustified, as the combined gravitational pull of the moons results in especially large tides that flood coast regions like a weak tsunami. In 3300 B.R., in a day of Continental Empire establishment, Moons Parade on the Riyk territory coincided with a solar eclipse, which caused major panic through the population.


Suset as seen from the coast area

Climate is very warm, mostly tropical. The average surface temperature is 28-35°C, with record air temperatures of -30° and up to +70° on the equatorial island where artifact X and Science Corporation headquarters reside. Surface temperature, nevertheless, rise higher than that, over 100° in the Great Desert of Riyk.


Surface map
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Night map, showing populated areas

Currently, the population of the Harr resides at approximately three billion people, it reduced with the start of the Space Era and expansion to the outer colonies, before that peaking at 11 billion.


Currently, the planet is still recovering from the aftermath of being the cradle of the raharrian civilization. Technological advances, transfer of most of the industry into space and reduction of the population due to off-world emigration made it possible to declare unprecedentedly large areas of the surface as national parks, with bans on any sort of industrial activity or large settlements. Currently, more than 60% of the surface is considered national preserves, inside of which works are underway to dismantle the infrastructure and erase the aftermath of the raharrian influence.


Politic map of the planet

Raharr home planet is still multinational, despite that raharr colonies on the other planets tend to be monocultural. But this is slowly changing with the Space Era, forcing states to merge together into larger countries.

All countries hold a neutral stand against each other and avoid direct confrontations. This still allows for covert "police operations" from time to time. Meanwhile, the civilian population skews more and more towards total unification of the planet under one flag and country boundaries become more and more blurred and formal.

Rrirkh Cradle

Western origin of civilization originated from the Rrirkh lake, currently the most powerful player on the politic map. Have the largest infrastructural and industrial capacity. Rrirkh has the largest spaceport on the planet, located in it's biggest conurbation around lake Rrirkh, which also doubles as the unofficial capital of the entire planet. Rrirkh has the only city-sized underwater settlement on the planet located on the seafloor of the ocean(2). It provides a research base for underwater ecosystems, rare earths mining, and tourist attraction. Settlement light surrounding area so brightly that it can be seen even from the orbit, this is considered one of the most beautiful sights of the planet.

Riyk Cradle

Eastern civilization origin of the planed and second in power. Have the most extensive mining facilities. Riyk most recent addition of land was part of the Northern Empire, which at that time undergone revolution. Overall, raharrs are warm-liking and tend to settle in areas where temperatures do not fall under -10° Celsius. But Riyk heavily indulged in several adaptation projects bound to increase acceptable areal of their race to the polar regions. One of such projects is the arctic station(3), with several thousand raharrs living permanently there. All year long clear sky and remarkably clean air made the station be the perfect spot for an observatory station, that become largest on the planet. This station discovered the Stabilisers orbiting the suns of their homeworld.

Releksh foundation

The Foundation is the third largest state on the planet, forming shortly before the discovery of the Stabilisers.

Currently, Releksh is a purely agrarian estate, with over 80% of its territory made into fields, hydroponic gardens, and pastures, providing over 75% of the planet's entire food production. Foundation also has the largest seafaring fleet, because most of its large cities reside at shores.

Science Corporation

Corporation logotype

Not a country per se, but the corporation is powerful enough that it makes it the fourth most influential entity on the planet. Some consider it even more influential than Releksh. The scientific corporation has origins in a small research laboratory that was bound to discover the greatest treasure of the harr - the Ancients base and Artifact X contained within it(1). These artifacts were located on a remote and hostile island in the middle of the ocean, which was a very harsh and unreachable place with air temperatures of +60° Celsius. After the discovery and start of the research, some most ambitious and wise researchers realized what they had discovered, and they formed the Science Corporation to make sure that discovery wouldn't do harm. This basically meant mutiny, but the eventual attempt of restoring the control over the island failed, as by that moment scientists managed to upgrade their equipment with technology derived from studies of Ancient tech. Currently, Corporation is at the technological cutting edge of the entire raharr civilization, if not the entire Alliance, their employees working at the underwater settlement of Rrirkh, polar station of Riyk, on most of the colonized worlds and some of the planets of other Alliance members too. Many voice their disdain over Corporation's policies towards any discovered Ancient tech, that basically is a complete ban over any possession, but nobody has enough power or guts to change that by now. The Corporation become so huge over the years (there are rumors, that it owns entire planets in some far-reach corners of the Alliance) that it's subsidiary companies often take life on their own, sometimes treading borderline of illegal business.

Independent islands

Anarchistic state that spontaneously arose after the collapse of the Southern Empire. Sometime later Rrirkh started to attach islands to its territory, but when Science Corporation mutinied, Rrirkh stopped attempts temporarily, and then completely. Islands become one of the darkest and dangerous places on the planet. Anarchy attracts criminals and hotheads from the entire planet, and some come even from other planets of the Alliance. Relative order maintained mainly by two (and only) largest cities, but neither refuses to claim itself as a capital of the Independent Islands.

Island coalition

A commercial establishment that arose after a small club of billionaires purchased several islands from the states of the planet. The islands were massively reformed and now they house the best and most expensive hotels and vacation sites. Island coalition is not an actual state or country, but it is amongst the richest entities on Harr, its tropical nature attracts tourists from all of the Alliance. All islands were proclaimed nature reserve, and Coalition spends huge efforts on maintaining order and environment cleanliness. If you were caught on trespassing or violating one of many rules, the lightest punishment you will face is forceful deportation and a permanent ban from entering territories of Island Coalition ever again.


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