Independent Worlds

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Independent Worlds - is a name for all civilizations that are capable of interstellar travel, but are not members of the Alliance. Independent Worlds is more of a category rather than a singular organization, often civilizations of that category are in hostile relationship with each other, but have no industrial means and\or real reasons for waging interstellar wars. Sometimes full blown wars do emerge, but the Alliance do not interfere with it, unless the threat of complete eradication of the species arises or the losing side starts requesting help from the Alliance. At this point, war usually ends abruptly due to the superior technological and industrial capacity of the Alliance.

This category includes the Vainurs, since despite their orbital blockade by the Alliance, they were capable of interstellar travel and are still independent.

The Smi'Tar empire is a special case. Formally it falls under the Independent World category, since it is not a member of the Alliance, but nobody ever refers to it that way, since it has larger volume, technological level and age than all Independent Worlds put together, and the Alliance too. for that matter. Some studies suggest that it is probably older than all species currently discovered in the Galaxy, with exception of Ziort and Ancients.


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