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Typical representative (human figure for scale)

Originating from a small world with a fraction of standard gravity, but with a thick atmosphere, the Ktak are somewhat unique sapient beings that managed to retain fully functional flight ability. Despite being the second species encountered by the raharrs, and the third core member of the Alliance (as in, those who were present and have participated in the creation of it), they do not have a very extensive presence on the galactic scene. Being able to fly has its drawbacks as Ktak are extremely claustrophobic. Space flight is a constant test of will, and the majority of them decide to travel only if it is absolutely necessary, preferably in cryosleep the entire time. As a result, their ships are automated to a ludicrous degree and sometimes even act almost independently, despite not having AC crewmembers.
Ktak have an extremely strained relationship with the Iss, because they strongly resemble one of the predators of their homeworld, which hunted them in prehistoric times (now extinct, due to the fact that the Ktak have eventually begun to hunt in return). Of course, there is no hostility or overt xenophobia in the relationship, but the Ktak often feel the need for any interaction with the Iss as a stressful situation, in some especially bad cases escalating into panic attacks.

Average height - 100-120 cm.
Estimated life expectancy - 60 ± 10 years.
Average weight - 30-35 kg

Brief History

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Ktak are stacked extremely lightly to facilitate the flight. Their skeleton consists of hollow bones, like birds. Their body is covered with small, short hairs, which in general constitute a smooth, silky cover, reducing air friction well. Ktak has quite sensitive ears, at the ends of which, in addition to everything else, are sensitive vibrissae that can catch the fine movement of air currents.

Military doctrine

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State system

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Society (general mentality, special features)

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Ktak are, despite being fairly advanced, highly religious people. Their religion is monotheistic and worships the Creator Of All That Is. They do not view the Ancients as any sort of holy beings, considering them to be just a precursor species that has no greater importance to the fate of the universe than anybody else. Due to their spiritual beliefs, they consider every person to have a soul. This, however, does not extend over to digital personalities - AC and Uploaded like Azinarsi. While ktak see them as sapient persons and individuals with rights, they view such beings as "Lamentable Ones" - without a soul they are incomplete and thus must be enduring a pitiful, unfulfilling existence without a future and ultimate goal. AC are not allowed to work on ktak worlds, and any research of either AC or mind copying is prohibited as well. Even results of work done by AC or AI is viewed with scorn and condescension.

They have very strained relations with Iss, since they bear an uncanny resemblance to a now extinct predator of their homeworld, who hunted prehistoric ktak, and remained a vicious threat until the invention of gunpowder (which, ultimately, lead to it's extinction). This does not spill into all out xenophobia, but any interaction with an iss is a source of constant stress for ktak, and even resulted in severe panic attacks in some cases. Ktak view practices of public food consumption as disgusting, so the existence of mess halls, restaurants, and bars in other cultures greatly affected their opinion on them in a negative manner.

Reproduction and sexuality in general plays an important role in the species culture, but in a way that’s entirely different from what might be expected. The actual sex drive of Ktak is very low and generally reaches peak only during a half-a-year mating season. Nudity isn’t considered a taboo, but any sort of intimate and sexual activities are heavily and excruciatingly intricately ritualized (With some of these rituals lasting for hours or even days, and requiring starting over from the beginning in the case of any mistake), and following all of these rituals down to the smallest detail is considered a paramount for civility. The species relationship with sex permeates its entire culture and way of thinking, I.E. a ktak would say “I was impregnated with knowledge” instead of “I learned something”. Some people become interested in Ktak culture due to this detail, but generally their enthusiasm dies out extremely quickly as soon as they get their first experiences interacting with Ktak culture, which turns out to be suffocatingly restrictive and regulated in many aspects.