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GoogleTranslate.jpg The following text was google-translated from Russian with minimal edits. It might appear badly written, hard to follow, or can have translation errors. This is a temporary solution, proper translation should replace that, eventually. If you'd like to help me with that, please check this article for details.

Conditions of being in the Alliance and interaction of members of the Alliance

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Joining the Alliance

Conditions of interaction with non-Alliance civilizations

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First Contact Directive

In the case of the discovery of a new civilization, before contact, it should be examined, if possible in disguise, for compliance with directives.

The First Directive postulates that it is prohibited to establish contact with civilizations that have not reached the technical and cultural level that allows interstellar flights. Such an event for an unprepared civilization can mean serious and unnatural changes in morality and culture, and can lead to self-destruction and extinction.

  • 'Exceptions' from the First Directive, allowing to bypass it and make contact even with an unprepared civilization:

Civilization is endangered due to an event that remains unnoticed by this civilization, or civilization is unable to solve the threat of its existence without outside interference. This applies both to the existence of the species itself and directly to the development of civilization (see the history of contact with Laymarans - they were not biologically threatened with extinction, but the situation with the planet did not leave them any further prospects development).

  • In the event that one or several individuals unplanned made contact with the local population and there is no possibility of their extraction without exposing their life to risk and preserving the existence of another civilization secretly from Aboriginal people (See contact history with humans ).

The Second Directive postulates that if the First Directive allows you to establish contact with civilization, after the contact, the period of acclimatization of the contactees should follow, and a more detailed study of their society. During this period, contactees can visit the territory of the Alliance, produce cultural, material and scientific exchange with members of the Alliance. In many ways, the rights of civilization and the conditions of interaction with it repeat the conditions of interaction with the civilizations of the Independent Worlds. In the case of a situation if a civilization was contacted in circumvention of the First Directive with exceptions, a longer and milder acclimatization is carried out, during which various assistance is offered to reasonably accelerate the development of civilization to interstellar standards. In this case, there are more stringent filters of technology and scientific data that can be provided to such a civilization. Also, at least in the first third of the acclimatization period, it is prohibited to transmit civilization information and materials necessary for the construction of FTL ships, all necessary interactions take place either in the orbit of the home world, or representatives of civilization are transported to the venue of the meeting by the Alliance ship. The FTL embargo technology is removed after civilization reaches the necessary level of cultural development, allowing adequate independent interaction with alien civilizations. After a period of acclimatization, if the Alliance meets the minimum cultural standards (regarding interaction with alien civilizations and partly the general cultural and moral vector of civilization in question, see above), civilization is proposed (or allowed if civilization requested membership before the end of the acclimatization period) to join Alliance. In the case of cultural inconsistency, or refusal to join, a new civilization is rightfully transferred to the Independent Worlds category.


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