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{{raharr|abbr="I welcome you, creature with sapience. Sapience makes you mine brother."|(Ах приветствую рах, ках нелахану нел, нелахану канах рах ах нултане.)}}
{{raharr|abbr="I welcome you, creature with sapience. Sapience makes you mine brother."|(Ах приветствую рах, ках нелахану нел, нелахану канах рах ах нултане.)}}
The modern Raharr alphabet is a descendant of one of the most ancient scripts of the planet.
The modern Raharr alphabet is a descendant of one of the most ancient scripts of the planet.

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Modern raharr speak for the most part in one unified language - the product of mixing the oldest and most popular language families on the planet, which arose long before the Realization, as a unified trade dialect gradually spreading to all corners of the planet.


Alphabet (using Cyrillic characters)
а б в г д е ж з и к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ь э ю я
а б в г д е ж з и к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ь э ю я

Writing is written from left to right. Features - softness of sound, hardness of sound and doubling of the sound are recorded with special symbols around the letter. For example, the soft letter P is written ьп, the hard letter V is ъв, the syllable SS is .

The design of the lettering is similar to human one, and follows the same basic rules. A capital letter is indicated by a dash under the symbol. The comma is denoted by a short vertical bar: ,. The dot is a long vertical bar that cuts the string: .. Analogue of quotes are three slashes, they also play the role of brackets: ()

An example of a meaningful text (formal and formal greeting of a representative of another type):

(Ах приветствую рах, ках нелахану нел, нелахану канах рах ах нултане.)

The modern Raharr alphabet is a descendant of one of the most ancient scripts of the planet.



Both gestures and body language, most often raharr uses them unconsciously and reflexively.

  • Scratching nostrils, stroking hair or neck - insecurity.
  • All 4 hands are clenched into a fist, held close to the body - anger, tension.
  • The upper half of the teeth and gums are exposed, the eyes are wide open, the corners of the mouth tend upwards - a smile, goodwill, good mood.
  • All teeth are bare, eyes narrowed, nostrils pressed, corners of the mouth tend down or back - anger, irritation, grin.
  • The tip of the tail twitches, or sways nervously from side to side - tension, irritation, or deep thought.
  • The tail swings widely from side to side - extreme irritation, discomfort, dislike.
  • Tail wrapped around the legs - insecurity, fear.
  • Hands folded on the chest, tail wrapped around the legs, head heavily lowered - submission.
  • The head is somewhat lowered, the nostrils are open, the eyes are looking at the interlocutor - attention, interest.
  • The upper arms are folded on the chest, the hands stroke the wrists - doubt, arrogance.
  • The tail is dragging on the ground, hands are limply lowered, head is lowered - fatigue.


These gestures are often used in conversation.

  • With a clenched fist, lightly strike the temple, depicting a blow - "He seemed to be hit with a stone" (doubts about clarity of consciousness)
  • Slam the fist on the palm of your hand - “Final” (indicates the irrevocability of the decision made or the imminence of the action)
  • To grab the tail of the other raharra - an expression of sexual desire, in most castes is regarded as an extremely dirty and vulgar way of communicating this, especially if the grasp happened in public. Attempting to stop the fleeing raharr by catching him by the tail is also considered a dirty trick, along with a blow to the groin. However, this does not apply to children, as long as they do not come to full age.
  • To seize the hand by the wrist and shake it - “I don’t care” (if raharr is no longer interested in the conversation, he is tired and agrees solely with the aim of ending the conversation faster).
  • Raise your hand up and rotate it horizontally, palm parallel to the ground - "the conversation is over."
  • The hand is in a fist, the index finger is straightened - "something is wrong here."
  • The palm is straightened, the fingers are straightened and tightly compressed, the thumb in the middle of the palm is a gesture indicating the direction.
  • Indicative closing of the eyes with his hands - "I am finally disappointed."
  • The upper arms take the lower hands by the palms in the manner of the lock - “I control myself” (as well as the official greeting gesture, in this case it is usually supplemented by a bow)
  • Fingers spread apart in the manner of a triangular pyramid, claws down - "he is absolutely sure, unshakable" (stands firmly on his feet)
  • Fingers divorced in the manner of a triangular pyramid, claws upward - "extreme instability, precariousness and doubtfulness"


Important words

  • Раха_р - a man, "human". It is noteworthy that the raharr were very flexible in terms of xenophobia. They did not raise philosophical debates on the topic "who should be considered raharr (human)?", And simply, in fact, changed the meaning of the word in such a way that it meant rather not a species, but a designation of sapience and ability to communicate as such. However, other races did not want to leave this state of affairs in the intergalactic version of the language, as it seemed to them to overtighten the blanket over themselves. Therefore, made a compromise. Each race contributed to its intergalactic word denoting "human", which became the self-name of the species. To designate the member of the Alliance as a whole, decided to use a neutral "being".
  • Ха_р - Solid, Ground (Earth). Initially, so raharr called the earth under their feet, believing that it and the fact that on it are the only material objects in the world, and everything else is just an illusion, disembodied ghosts, because they could not be reached and felt. The development of astronomy and science in general, however, showed that Harr's moons are fairly constant and convincingly looking for illusion objects, and then their tidal effect was proved, so this version of the universe is gradually outdated ... Now, "Harr" is any astronomical body, then a star, planet or asteroid, but the home world of raharr is always written from the title bar - "Harr".
  • Ра - a particle with the meaning "come from", "originated". It is used to determine the position or origin of an item or creature. "Raharr Harr ra" - "Man from the Ground", "Gharr Neht ra" - "Gharr from the caste of biologists". In the name of Raharr, this particle comes after the name of the caste, and its presence is obligatory, one cannot say simply “Gharr Neht”. These last two words have the same meaning as the surname of people. If they talk to a respected leader or older person, it is considered uncultured to contact him by "last name", for it indicates only their occupation, but not their personality.
  • Нехт - "he who is occupied with the body" (in a scientific sense), "the researcher of the internal." Simply put - a biologist.
  • Хи_р - Heaven, Paradise. The raharr believed that the double sun in the sky is the incarnation of God, the only thing besides Ground a material object, for it gives warmth. More specifically, it was thought that it was his eyes looking at the ground and warming everything they could see. It was believed that after the end of the world came, God would descend on harr, and take the souls of the raharr to Hirr - his dwelling place. The heat-loving raharrs, although they realized that excessive heat kills the body, they believed that heat is the desire of the soul. Hirr was a place where infinite heat reigned. It is not surprising that the hottest planet in the system was named after this myth.
  • Хилор - Hell, non-being. Contrary to Hirr, Hilor was gloomy and infinitely cold. Every movement froze here, right down to sounds, right down to thoughts. Those guilty before God condemned themselves to an infinite existence in the realm of permafrost, unable to move, shout and even think, frozen in eternal statues, as monuments to their sins.


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