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typical individual (Human is for scale)

Sashli'sftonodo are cold-blooded mollusks, and were the first civilization that was met by raharrs in the period of discovery. They are notorious for their patronizing attitude towards other species, (although this doesn't slip in full on racism) and their finely crafted optic systems.
Average height - 3-4 m.
Average lifespan - 65±20 years.
Average weight - 140-220 kg


Sashli are cold-blooded molluscs, which makes them fairly sensetive to the environmental conditions. Originated on planet with gravity roughly similar to Earth's, they nonetheless are impressively tall, towering three or even four meters high. In the prehistoric times, Sashli's ancestors were dragging themselves with tentacles, like earth octopuses. The difference was that sashli ancestors were amphibious, and laid their egs in coastial caves and caverns, inaccessible by most of their natural predators. With time, a new plant also evolved, with strong and rigid sharp leaves, that grew in the same areas wthat caves were, often blocking the path there. But on the other hand it completely blocked the way for the predators, which made those caves most prized areas for laying eggs. In time, proto-sashli developed stronger legs that they could stand on, to cross the plant growths unharmed. Sashli sking is very smooth and slithery, clolored in range from deep blue to turgorise. Violet color considered to be especially beautiful, and is very rare. Skin have pattern of splotches that differ from the color of the skin slightly. Every sashli have completely unique pattern, like fingerprints.

Sashli'sftonodo's muscles are unusually stroung, each of their tentacles capable of lifting nearly 70 kg of mass in the air, or almost half the weight of the alien. Mostly it is necessary to keep sashi's body in the air. Sashli posess two types of tentacles, facial and appendagial. Facial tentacles are short, very agile, but do not have any significant strength. They are aligned in a circle around mouth containing a three-jawed radial beak. Appendagial tentacles are thicker and longer, they begin in a semicircle on the lower part of the body and end with a broad "palms" containing eight "fingers". The amount of tentacles varies from eight to sixteen, depending on the conditions during the egg's development and genetics, but is always an even number. Sashli is very nearsighted, but their eyes are capable of seeing ultraviolet light, and can discern three times more shades that humans. Sashli posses rudimentary camouflage abilities, and can change the vividness of the color of their skin. Presently this ability is playing strictly cosial role, and is used for display of the emotional state of a sashli - bleak and dull coloring usually means depression, while vivid coloration signals about strong emotional responce, which can be either negative or positive.

Unaugmented lifespan of sashli quite rarely exceeds 80 years.

Army and defenses

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State Government

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Social environment

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